Monday, July 28, 2014

Welcome to My Blog!

     Well this is new...

     First, let me introduce myself. My name is Ethan Block and at the moment I am a 16 year old proud North Dakotan (Wait... they have people?). Yes, we do. Like four. I enjoy quite a lot of things. I like cooking, and hold a job in the food business. I enjoy filmmaking, I have a website with my friend ( where we produce some short films that we write ourselves.

     I really enjoy photography and the thing I probably enjoy the most of all of those things would be experiencing the world around me through travels and just enjoying life day to day. I'll be blogging during a foreign exchange program I am doing for my Junior year of high school to Norway! (A large population of North Dakotan's are Norsk, including myself!). I'm going through AFS Intercultural Programs and leave in exactly 23 days!

     I enjoy vlogging on the YouTubes (, i'll post a couple of my vlogs down below for your enjoyment. I'll also be vlogging my experiences in Norway throughout the year, but this blog is for those of you who'd enjoy reading my experiences. I'll also be linking the videos and putting photographs in my blog posts for added enjoyment.

Here is my first vlog that I posted on my channel:

(The reference about my coffee and how I like it like my men was from "Airplane!")

This is the vlog where I talk about my Norwegian exchange year:

And I had a blast on the Fourth of July (American Independence Day):

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first blog post on here, and subscribe to my blog for notifications when I post again! Thanks, and have an awesome day :)

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