Sunday, November 2, 2014

Just Chillin' In Oslo

God dag!

So, I finally get around to writing this post! This last Saturday, a bunch of exchange students from Region 1 met in Oslo. Although I had seen them just the weekend before at Ankomstleir del To, it was great to see them again.

My day started at my local contact's house, where I had spent the night Friday night. After getting ready for my day ahead and making sure I had everything I needed, my local contact was kind enough to drive me to the train station to catch the 10:05 train to Oslo Sentralstasjon. Well, turns out the train was not working in Halden! So luckily, a man ran up to Time and I and told us the bus to catch the Oslo train was about to leave! Phew, that was close. We met the train in Fredrikstad and took it from there for about an hour and a half to Oslo.

When we arrived at Sentralstasjon, we were greeted by a group of AFS students, and I was greeted by the wonderful smell of STARBUCKS! Of course, not having starbucks for almost 3 months really got to me, so the first thing I did in Oslo was buy a Caramel Macchiato, they didn't have French Vanilla or Hazelnut :(

After waiting a little bit for the rest of the AFS students, we departed from the train station. First thing we decided to do was to walk to the Oslo Opera House. It was a beautifully designed structure and well, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Belgium, Turkey, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil and USA! #CULTURE

Awesome Panorama with flat Ethan!

Jose and Anne!

Great picture of the Opera House!

"Exchange isn't a year in your life, it's a life in a year"

Oslo <3

What a fun time, gorgeous weather, beautiful sun and great people! After visiting the Opera House we then traveled down the walking street to the royal palace of the current King Harald V. It was a very nice palace. While we were at the palace we ran into Francesca from Region 2 who we hadn't seen in nearly 2 1/2 months since Arrival Camp Part One! That was cool!

Walking to the palace #SELFIE


A pretty cool place.


The family <3

After we'd finished with our travel to the palace, we walked around for a while attempting to find a kebab place, but ended up splitting and eating at different places. I ate an individual pizza at Wayne's Coffee and Riccardo came to meet us there. Then, we took the tram to the sculpture park called Vigelandsparken. Myself, Sophie and Anne waited for Paul, Henri, Fernando, Alexis and Camille at the train station to join us at the park.

Oh, kids...

Oh, Fernando :P

"Connecting Lives, Sharing Cultures"

And the rest of the day was filled with hanging out I guess? I had a wonderful time in Oslo with the other students. We said our goodbyes and Time and I headed out on our 8 o'clock train back to Halden. Here are some other pictures that were taken, that I haven't put in yet:

Fancy McDonalds, haha.

Great times, great people and as the AFS saying goes, "Walk together, talk together all ye people of the earth; then and only then, shall ye have peace"

Picture Credits: Sophie, Jose, Camille, Fabiana and myself.


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