Monday, April 6, 2015

Bergen Trip


So I have finally gotten around to writing about my not-so-recent trip to Bergen, Norway. I have been meaning to write a new blog post about it and have been reminded multiple times by people that I need to write again, so here I am.

During winter vacation I joined my host grandfather and host uncle on a road trip across southern Norway and the final destination was Bergen. The trip from Halden took about ten or eleven hours of driving before arriving at the place we would be staying for the duration of the trip.

Day One

We started driving around 8 or 9 if I remember right. During the trip we stopped multiple times to take photos or stop to get something to eat. We finally arrived in Bergen when the sun had set and it was night time.

Some photos from the drive:

[Some kind of snowboard-parachuting thing?]

Day Two

On the second day, we woke up and went out to explore the city.

[Yum :P]

[Had to...]

Day Three

On the third day, we began our journey back to Halden.

[Life in the fjord]

[A brewery]

[Norsk Stavkirke]

And that was the trip. I had an awesome time, and if anyone reading this has the opportunity to go to Bergen, do it. It is a beautiful city (when it isn't raining :P)

I also uploaded a video to youtube about my trip to Bergen:

Ethan Block

-Stay tuned for my next blog post about Easter break, coming soon!-

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