Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Hello again!

Well, it's been busy the last week or so. I've been lobster fishing, playing sports, eating pizza and going to a second cabin in Sweden to hangout with other exchange students in my area. It was a very fun høstferie.

First, I went lobster fishing with my local contact at their cabin in Koster, Sweden. We were there from Tuesday until Thursday. We caught 5 lobster and 5 crab the first day with 10 traps. The seas were kind of rough and it was a little chilly out with a lot of clouds (on the second day). Allow the pictures to speak for themselves!

[Prego Lobster, can't keep them so we threw it back]

Also, a few other things I did which unfortunately I don't have pictures to post were playing badminton in Fredrikstad as well as football (American Translation: Soccer), Basketball and something similar to floor hockey only with a ball. We then ate Grandiosa (I believe the most popular frozen pizza in Norway.) and afterwords I had organized for the other exchange students to come meet at Peppes Pizza to just chill for a bit and eat some good pizza. Good, expensive pizza! (I have a picture for that.)

[We ordered two pizzas, that's not including the drinks! The whole bill was 829 kr. ($128.12) for 7 people. So, twas like $20 or something per person.]

On Saturday, we left for Ed in Sweden to stay with one of the student's local contact in their summer house overnight. It was pretty fun. We all brought snacks to it, and there were a lot. I had made a coffee cake and some candied nuts a couple nights before to bring. We snacked for a while Saturday evening, talked for hours. We ate tacos, went on a walk around the water and roasted marshmallows. We totally got to bed "On Time"...

In the morning, all of us ate breakfast, went to a moose ranch that wasn't open and tried to see moose through the fence and then we talked for a while until it was time to go. We helped out around the house too. Raking leaves, making food, cleaning up dinner and vacuuming. 

But that was my Autumn Vacation!

Takk for lesning (Thanks for reading),

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