Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Quick Shoutout

Yet another blog post today, I promise it won't be as long as the last one :)

I just wanted to take some time to give a shoutout to the other exchange students who are blogging their year in Norway. It's great that they're doing this, because when I decided to come to Norway, I just read a large amount of blogs and that's probably one of the reasons I made it official to do an exchange year to Norway and I hope it does the same for their readers as well.

Jessica is an exchange student from the United States of America and is living in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Ilanne is an exchange student from France and I'm not sure where she's been placed.

Kenza is also an exchange student from France. Either in or near Trondheim I believe.

Polte is from Belgium and I believe he is in Stokmarknes.

Danielle is from the United States of America and is in the Lofoten area.

Verena is from Germany and I believe is around Levanger.

Ethan is from Canada and is in Namsos, Norway on the west coast.

Anyway, I hope you guys go check them out too to get more than just a Halden view of Norway. Takk!

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