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I apologize for the radio silence and am here now to break that silence with a new blog post about my trip to Poland. You might be thinking, why was he in Poland, I thought he was doing an exchange year to Norway? Well, this blog post is here for you, to answer your questions.

First off, originally I thought I was going to Poland for a football game (soccer), but apparently I misheard the Norwegian my host parents were speaking and thought that we were going to watch soccer. I realized when I arrived, I was wrong. It was not for soccer, but just for a nice vacation to Gdansk, Poland where they'd never gone before and when I heard about it, I quickly bought a plane ticket as well. Now here is my log of the 5 days I spent there.

Day One (Friday September 12, 2014):

HALDEN. We woke up very early in the morning on Friday to get ready to make the drive to Oslo-Gardermoen airport. As we arrived, it was pouring rain. So, we waited for the shuttle to take us inside instead of hauling our many bags (10 to be exact) to the terminal. Getting inside the terminal, it was as nice as I remember it (from my arrival in Norway). We ate a quick brunch before our flight and took off.

GDANSK. Arriving in Gdansk, we were still waiting for my host-grandparents and host-aunt to arrive on their flight. Soon after we arrived though, they did as well. A taxi was waiting for us at the airport and we were driven to our hotel suite across the river from the Old Town. The view from my host-grandparents and host aunt's suite was very very nice (As you see below):

After settling in, we visited the Old Town to have a look around the place. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves :)

The last four days kind of blend together so i'll tell you specific events I did the last four days.

We visited the town every day to shop or go out to eat.


Which served as a ferry to a WWII memorial called Westerplatte.

There was a pretty cool old tower that wasn't well kept and I decided to climb up :)

And a bunker nearby that I was going to go in but then decided not to.

We also visited the St.Mary's Cathedral, and climbed the tower. SO MANY STEPS


And then we decided to climb yet another tower... the old Town Hall.

This is the St.Mary's Cathedral, what we climbed above.

We visited a cool market where I bought some stuff.

And below, we found a cool love-lock bridge near a small stream and an old house.

Some other things we did was eat a lot of ice cream, pay the same price for water as beer, I bought some Christmas gifts for my family, we visited another memorial and there was a party going on next to my room in the apartment and they decided to start shooting fireworks off of the roof of the building (in the middle of the city) in the middle of the night... Anyway, this post is getting rather long, I apologize if your brain hurts from too many words and thinks.


Thanks for reading, stay tuned for my next blog post. If you'd like to be notified of new posts through email, you can subscribe to my blog through email at the bottom of the blog. Have a great day :)

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