Saturday, September 6, 2014

Summer Houses and Ferries!

Well, well, well. It's been quite the week. My host family, my host mother's parents and their host student and her sister's family all went to this summer house in Ula, near Larvik in I believe it's called Vestland (West-Land)? Anyway, I got to experience many things along the way to and from the house. I tried many things for the first time. My first time on a ferry, eating chorizo by itself, eating cured lamb, having moose sausage (i've eaten moose burgers but never moose sausage), my first time in the open ocean, my first time trying Solo (a popular Norwegian soda) and trying this one soda I can't remember, and that was just on the ferries!

We took two ferries. One half hour long one that went across the middle of Oslo-fjord, and then a longer one from Sondefjorden, Norway to Strömstad, Sweden where we took a car back to Norway. Below are the photos from the second ferry :) (I didn't take any on the first because twas so very short).

They had a cool statue to honor the whalers that used to live in the area.

This is in Sondefjorden harbor.

Måke (M-oh-keh), or as we'd call it, Seagull.

Flying the colors.

The North Sea <3

Now we are entering Strömstad Harbor

Strömstad is a very beautiful town.

And now for my photos of the trip to Ula near Larvik at the cabin. We hiked around to find edible mushrooms to cook for that nights supper, we hiked to the North Sea as well as to Ulabrand, a statue commemorating the guide from back in the day who used to steer ships in the right direction so they wouldn't crash.

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